How to Beguile Your Wife into Cheating

Here are some of my recommendations for getting away with having affairs, assuming you’re already really good at locating them. Naturally, it works for me, but only you and your wife know your wife, so you might need to change some of my strategies to fit your needs. You should the strategies about how to cheat on your wife to make yourself safe.

Being discrete

Never inform anyone who is alive. Open mouths sink ships. There is nothing worse than getting away with infidelity, boasting about it to a friend, who then tells his wife, leading to the onset of Chinese Whispers.

You must keep your affair completely private, as exhilarating as it may seem. Set up your own blog, like I did, or create an anonymous account on Twitter or Reddit and boast away if you feel the need to.

There will always be that one person that makes you feel bad if you tell even a small group of close pals. You know the one, the one who has been in a committed relationship for a long time—since they were about 16—and who would never withhold any information from their partner. That same friend will eventually make you nuts. They won’t understand that you’re just having fun, and they’ll use every chance they get to make you feel bad.

It’s okay if some of your pals don’t agree with your life choices. Not telling them prevents them from even having an opportunity to voice their opinions, which is perhaps for the best.

Always Leave No Trace

My wife has a habit of constantly using my phone. It’s not because she’s nosy, but sometimes she just doesn’t want to get up to fetch her phone, so she uses mine instead. And the moment you begin to appear evasive, suspicions start to grow. I therefore make it a point to never use iMessages or WhatsApp. I either utilize 3 apps that are good for me or I stick to the messaging options on dating websites.

My wife would never think to search there because she doesn’t even know what these applications are. Additionally, I make it a point to manually remove the messages if the applications don’t erase them on their own. I also remove my call log if I have ever called my affair partner. Don’t bring those items inside, and give your wife little to no access to your phone. You are merely inviting trouble.

Never pay with a card; always use cash

Nothing is worse than having steamy sex in a hotel and getting away with it, only to be questioned when the statement is given a month later. That is a blatantly amateurish move.

Always pay with cash or cryptocurrency. If not, you are essentially begging for your affair to be discovered. Keep in mind that you don’t want your partner to suffer any harm. Finding items on your credit card statement that are puzzling will make them start to distrust you. I assure you that the less people who know, the better. Your close pals who are in committed relationships won’t ever comprehend your actions.

Never capture an image or screenshot

Even though receiving images is pleasant, they also serve as documentation. These will serve as Exhibit A in the end. Also, keep in mind that if you use the Apple Ecosystem, these exact images may end up being synced across all of your family’s devices. Nothing is more awkward than having your 5-year-old daughter unexpectedly discover photos of nude ladies while doing homework on her iPad. The husband should have sense about how to cheat on your wife and he should never take screenshots so that he can be caught.

Can you even begin to comprehend how humiliating that would be? It doesn’t matter how lovely they are if you’re taking images out of concern that your spouse will see them. Make sure your affair partner is aware that sending text messages is strictly forbidden and keep that device out of the bedroom. And whatever you do, avoid changing your password, which is a blatant indication that you are concealing something.